Samstag, 28. März 2009

This blog is part of the project "the curators house" of rogerio nuno costa and showing my working process within beeing invited and curated in Lisbon summer 2008. Working next to the beach was hilarious and inspired my to the creation of a virtual institute:
satisfactor, institut für beglückende erfahrungen.
In the end of our working period we presented our projects within a performance at galeria ZDB, in lisbon.
Because my project is about sharing, community and good feelings I was baking an applestrudel with the audience, sharing my personally designed 48 "golden-satisfactor-family-cards-lisbon-edition" and gained many members for the institute.
Within the show i presented the following trailer, which i produced with the help of many satisfactorfans from all over the world, which i invited to send me their interpretion of the satisfactor-feeling. here we go:

meanwhile I am planning a non virtual conference of satisfactor, in which I will rebuild the structure of the institute with all partizipants. Hold on!!!

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