Sonntag, 13. Juli 2008

I got up and took a walk in lisbon. It seems to be important to perceive where I am to arrive.
Desire- sharing the process with the others.
Claiming for it.
At that time I knew suddenly, what is my task in that virtual-rogerios -laboratory-situation:
Decision: I am having a good time !
Decision: my research about community experience is happening right now !
Decision: Tomorrow I start the SHARING DAYS with the others !
Decision: Sing songs together with the others !
DECISION: My project deals with those terms:


God, am I a Hippie?!!!!

Decision: I try to take the role of the hippie person in the group > live the principle of sharing

try to offer time to everybody to share time with them sharing something.
Decisions: baking cakes with the others day to day

By the way its strange to be watched but nobody takes the possibility to talk back to us. Nobody comments on my blog….So it seems to be more thrilling to watch people than to interact with them????

here i tried to make contact, I was holding up an appell as long as my arms could hold it up. I tried to work seriously!!!

Ok I started singing songs. i found that canon on the internet:

It saiys:

Die Menschen sind schlecht/ Sie denken an sich/ nur ich denk an mich.

Maybe this will be my agency song:

You know music is such an universal thing , an universal language bringing people together...learn it! so when we meet one day, you will sing it to me and i will know that you know me already- get to be one of my "Homies"my secret community supporting my agency.

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