Samstag, 12. Juli 2008

Day Two

Yesterday.....seems so far away....
I woke up in a bad mood. I tried to structure my thoughts of day one and continue to think of the benefit of community.
I hung out in the internet for long time and made research on how to meet people, in the concepts of community. – by the way a bunch of sectarian stuff besides some interesting alternative concepts.
Specially I tried to find a link to the idea of a mobile community, I found some stuff about urban nomads. But then it seems that the internet is the solution for the community but I am not so much interested in this virtual stuff. How to provide with community experience in real life like first hand experience but living a mobile lifestyle?

I guess the term of neighbourhood is to be transformed to the actual situation you are in – So look at it and make the best of the present moment/ period etc.
I learned the word backlash yesterday- so this is actually what could be the benefit of taking attention to the present surrounding. If you act/ offer/ invite/ notice people, they can react on it.
Be generous and lavish! It supplies you with relaxation, happiness and less effort of control in your life.

Very important point of the day was to talk with Leonore here a brief assumption:
The talk got me out of isolation, already I used the concept of sharing with her that supported me and caused community, alexandre and rogerio joined in- it got dynamic= finally exiting

Kind of a protocol:

She pointed out that I mentioned in my blog that people like to talk about other people, but actually she thinks that by doing that they want to talk about themselves - people are mirroring themselves in others.
We listen with filters that are lead by the motor of interest. So actually listen to the other is listen to myself—I take care for me in taking care of others? ---I think when we have to share our whole life with ourselves, it might be a bit boring only to mirror ourselves in ourselves, so the motivation to interact with others is actually to be more thrilled by our own- well only another reason for communities> make your life a more interesting place, it doesn’t matter if you are masturbating about yourself in listening and understanding others- or if you listen to others in order to help them in a more altruistic way- in any case its more exiting and inspiring, so go for your neighbours!
By the way treat the neighbour as the person next to you-physically, bind to situations or thoughts, not only to the house you are living- look at the present situations you are in

We look at people in what they are doing and not in the being-
Perhaps that always causes stress, cause we feel we have to effort in everything, get a doing person- but the trick is to look at “being” as a process, sthg you can do and not as a state. So people relax- you are always doing sthg.

We were talking about the initialising moments of relations and communities, my thesis is that you need this initialising moment, sthg that triggers the wish to stay with each other, producing a constant interest in the partizipants of the community.
I think there’s a special quality in the surprise of that moment- its not seen or planned it happens to you- better said: it appears with that easiness without effort>> EASINESS

If sthg isn’t pushed it happens more coincident, or better to say it appears as if it were coincidental
> the magic of synchronicity > Sthg happens at the same time> an utopia> is this the meeting point, the initial moment?
e.g. Singing in a choir gives people such a good feeling, and spirit of community because they do things at the same time, synchronised?

Talking about the manipulation of coincidence , producing coincidence
Ø An Idea is born: I am gonna create an agency to create coincidences, exiting moments in your life.
- importance of the first meeting experiences. The first meeting is an invitation. You’ll might get a backlash, you may be surprised.
- surprises are exiting! a backlash means already a surprise.

The difficulty in meeting people: first you have to overcome the unknown and transform it into sthg known> overcome anxiety, create knowledge. Perceive experience.
Second, you have to overcome moral borders.

To create an experience there are three elements :

You/the other
Situation/place and time

>> first contact creation is an exiting work and an exiting moment, you`ll get to be a hero by overcoming the difficulties in meeting others- you feel success, bravery, thrilled, pushed your borders


Prepare a congress? Build up an institute for research in first contact-experience

Coincidence producing:
- construct it – get conspiratorial! Search for strange intersections> if there are none construct them. E.g. things you have in common with sb. Make one story out of many!!!!

“ I like your shirt”
“ why?”
“ cause of the blue color”
“really , such a coincidence- I love blue too, it reminds me of the sea…..”
“ No, I meant more that it gives you that fresh look”
“ oh this is exiting, I always have these assoziations of the sea is so fresh, that’s exactly what I meant to say, when I get dressed with that it feels so fresh. What do you prefer, when you need to refresh? Shouldn’t we have a drink?”
A: “Well I am not sure…”
“ I’ll show you something.., close your eyes!”

>Well, one has to exercise these talkings. Some experiences ?

Very important> try to appear not planned!

Manly intersections with others are caused by
- interests
- problems
- pleasures

>> and there we come again to the very important concept of sharing. Then you are able to discover intersections

At night I did some research in getting to know people in the streets of Lisbon, I exercised small talk with strangers on the streets of Baixo Alto – I chose for the second level of difficulty: small talk with language barriers, sharing beers with others supported by a contact person- what a nice realtime experience at the end of the day
good girl fillmann!

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