Freitag, 11. Juli 2008

Dear reader of this blog,

one of my strategies of getting to know my neighbours is : produce coincidences-
thats why: to build up a community it needs an initialising moment for it. A moment that triggers the wish to get to know the other, or a binding happening by an event. This event mostly is characterised by beeing surprising, not planed coincidence is tricksing out your preception on sthg or someone. You experience something for the first time in a way. and the paradox thing is you ask yourself- can this happen by accident? YOu transform this moment into fate and gives a binding moment producing committment .
These moments are mostly exiting.

Milan Kundera wrote: "The bigger the coincidance, the bigger the love"

What are your special coincidences in live?

Think of situations that would make your live more exiting? what are the things you wish to do?
whom to meet to have a more exiting life?
write to me or skype with me....

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